Dieting season starts

You know the routine, New Years rolls around and you make these resolutions: I’m going to work out, I’m getting fit, etc…

Then, April 29th rolls around and you’re getting ready for a shower and realize you’ve gained some weight.

Well, I’ve discovered the secret to weight loss…

I got to thinking, how did this happen.  Where did this extra weight come from?!?!

My thought process led me to the discovery that I wear a lot of layers in the winter and i don’t necessarily see my added weight…

I propose a new wave in fashion, in lifestyle….

365 spandex.  Wearing spandex every day of the year will show you that you’re slowly growing those love handles.  It’ll make you put down that chocolate cake. I can’t afford that on my waistline.

It sounds a little extreme, I know.  You’re thinking, who wants to see me in spandex, and that’s kind of the point.  You’ll fake it ’till you make it to…look good in that spandex.

Keep Calm and Spandex On!



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