The Right Time

Have you ever wanted to pursue a dream, do something, but you were just waiting for the right time? I want to lose weight, I want to have a girlfriend/boyfriend, I want to live in California.  I have always wanted to live in California.  But, I thought I had to have the right job to go out there. As you get older, you become accustomed to a certain lifestyle.  So, the longer you wait, the higher the standard gets.  Sometimes, when you defer a dream, that dream doesn’t come true and sometimes it morphs into something else.

Sometimes, your DREAMS change.  They EVOLVE.  My “California Dreamin'” turned into a New York City dreaming.  If you didn’t pursue that dream you had, re-evaluate it, do you want something else now?

In summary, there is no RIGHT TIME for your DREAMS.  If you don’t fulfill it or if you do, life has a way of changing it into something more (or less). Go find your DREAMS. GO. GO!

I bless your dreams, In Jesus Name. Amen. :prayer:


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