Frugal and Apple

I consider myself a frugal person.
I am into minimalism and the Spartan life. (I may post pics one day… but, I will save some for next time.)

But, one thing I am LESS frugal on are my Apple products.

I like the design, the interface, and the allure of Apple.

Steve Jobs is a big part of that. His early death mythologized him, but one thing he did believe in was building a company that would outlast his oversight and life.

What is it about Apple products. Despise “the man,” but I have to have the new iPhone, Macbook Air or iWatch. It may have to do with what it represents.

Quality. Design. Simplicity. Multifunctionality.

I’ll squeeze out an extra cup of coffee from my coffee grounds, but I’ll get that brand new iProduct!


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