What kind of blog will this be…

Recently I read about people who make a living writing a blog, writing apps, making youtube videos.

This is an interesting world we live in. You can make a living and a life by doing almost anything. 1,000 years ago, people were struggling to eat and stay safe from the wild and from other clans.

The advancements of the world have allowed mankind to sustain themselves with a tap of the keyboard.

So, as advanced as we are, the basic question remains the same.

What are you going to do with Jesus?

No matter how advanced our society gets, there is still this basic question.

What do you think of Jesus, is he Lord, Lunatic, or a Liar.

With this belief of him, what will you do with that belief?

Have you tried Jesus yet? What do you have to lose… what do you have to GAIN!!!


4 thoughts on “What kind of blog will this be…”

    1. You know, You’re right. But, there’s this faith in me that Jesus is who he said he is and I’m banking my fate and eternity on that. What about you? what’s your faith background? also, how did you get the .me url?

  1. Well currently I’m agnostic. My mom is Catholic and my dad is a muslim. Both beautiful religions with a lot more things in common then either religion would like to admit. Respect and love both religions but haven’t completely made up my mind yet. I figure my spiritual journey will be a little different then others growing up with two parents from different religions. It’ll take me some time sorting stuff out. As for the “me” I paid 29 dollars for it. WordPress allows you to buy domain names. I thought the “.me” would be cool for a personal blog haha,

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Yeah. That’s a unique experience growing up in a household with two separate religions. Growing up like you did, what do you think of the ISIS situation right now? You know, you’ll find your way. Jesus had some radical statements. He’s the tipping point (another blog post!). that is cool. Thank you for sharing. I’ll have to look into the domain name.

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